Robert Freeman



About me

I am an animator specialising in stop motion animation. Inspired by the practical effects of the 1980's/90's and animators such as Phil Tippett and Ray Harryhousen I pursue a tactile and material feel to my creations on screen. I aspire to work in feature film and episodic series while taking on commisions which compliment both myself as an animator and my client's vision in equal measure.

Born and raised in Brixton, south London I have traveled all over the world working in the creative industries, mostly perfomance, collaborating with renowned artists and actors. I still operate out of my hometown, drawing influences from the wealth of cultures and diverse personalities which make up the area.

I am available and seeking internships this year!

I have worked with: Universal Pictures, Pepsi, ITV, The O2 Arena, Oval House Theatre, South Connections carnival band and Nikki Lyons (Jim Hensons).

I study full-time at UAL for a bachelors degree in animation graduating in 2020.


Creative skills

In decending order of aptitude

Movement Performance (stage and film)

Stop Motion Animation

Character Acting (film)




2D Animation (TVPaint & Lightbox)

Video Editing

Voice Acting

Set Design

Camera Operation

Sound Recording



I study full-time at UAL, however I’m looking for opportunities to collaborate with studios or directors